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Thursday, 19 December 2013

Woodfuel Group celebrate 600 hours of conservation

A group of volunteers supported by Transition Stroud has been helping the National Trust with their woodland management. Transition Stroud is a network for local people and groups working on the transition to a locally-based low carbon lifestyle. The project started in 2011 and the team meet about 5 times a year to support work in Randwick and Standish Woods, Shortwood and Haresfield Beacon.

On Saturday 14th December the group celebrated 600 hours work with potatoes and sausages baked on a fire.

John Fisher, Coordinator of the group, said: "It''s been great for us to work in partnership with the National Trust; to be able to assist, Tim Jenkins, the Ranger, with some conservation and woodland management. In nearly 3 years the group has provided over 600 hours!"

Philip Booth, who helped set up the group, added: "It is great to come together with other local residents - and a bonus is, that often the members are able to leave with a boot load of wood to chop at home. Tim Jenkins has been fantastic - particularly great is learning more about our local woods from the ancient barrows to 70 year old anthills and rare moths. Many of us have missed some of the great stories and life of our countryside; it is wonderful to reconnect and learn."

Tim Jenkin's, the Ranger who supports the work, said: “It’s a real privilege to work in partnership with Transition Stroud, to have the local community involvement is so important. Their enthusiasm and commitment has helped to manage a beautiful part of the Cotswolds, here at Haresfield.  We are very lucky in the Stroud area to have so much free access to wonderful countryside providing so many benefits.”

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