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Saturday, 23 July 2011

Stroud's Edible Open Gardens: the videos

Stroud's Edible Open Gardens weekend taster video - meet some of the people, 37 gardens and workshops:

A second look at some of Stroud's Edible Open Gardens with some great photos by Cyril Laffort and others plus a few video clips:

Composting demonstration workshop from Stroud's Edible Open Gardens:

Chicken Keeping workshop at Stroud's Edible Open Gardens weekend:

Edible Open Gardens launch before weekend: a talk with local food organisations: 

Whiteshill and Ruscombe Allotments - The movie! See the opening of this wonderful new community project: 

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Two Edible Open Garden workshops

New Transition videos just uploaded - big thanks to all who sent video clips, photos etc - apols that we can't use all the material sent as not time enough to put together - am hoping to put one more YouTube together of gardens with some of the wonderful photos.

New videos:

Chicken Keeping workshop:

Composting Demonstration workshop:

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Foraging Walk by Rupert Burdock

Just been on a lovely walk as an end to the Edible weekend - this time an Edible Landscape walk with Rupert Burdock. Saw well over 20 varieties of edible weeds, plants trees and fruit. Most enjoyable. Thanks Rupert...

Highlights of Stroud's Edible Open Gardens weekend

A look at Transition Stroud's Edible Open Gardens weekend - meeting some of the people and a taster of some of the 37 gardens and workshops last weekend. We can't possibly show all the wonders and hope to produce a couple more YouTubes with more video clips and photos available soon. Please do let us know if there are mistakes or omissions as this has been hurriedly put together from numerous video clips. Click on the YouTube symbol to open in YouTube. See also here the launch weekend video with various food organisations.

Edible Open Gardens July 9th - 10th 2011

Brilliant. here's some pictures. A big thank you to all the amazing gardeners who made it all possible.......

Friday, 8 July 2011

Edible Open Gardens Launch, 2nd July 2011

Here's some pictures from the weekend launch at Stroud's Subscription Rooms. Only a few as I was trying our a new camera and not too sure how it works. Happily I've discovered it works brilliantly so looking forward to getting lots of practice at the weekend.....

Down To Earth stall (front of picture) and Stroud Community Agriculture.

Vision 21 brought their wonderful display boards.

Here's the banner up at Nailsworth. Thank you Simon.

And here's a small (but perfectly formed) display at Stroud District Council office..... Thank you Michelle.

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Edible Open Garden launch: next weekend 35 gardens open

Here is a video of the Edible Open Gardens launch in Stroud yesterday that I have put together to advertise the weekend of 35 open edible gardens, guided walks and workshops on 9th/10th July 2011. It is all about growing more food locally. In this video we hear about the event and from local food organisations. See details about the weekend at: