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Thursday, 5 May 2011

Weather we change....

Its beginning to be commented on in the regular news media now that the rainfall in the UK (and across Europe) has been seriously reduced from the norm for the last 12 months.

We all remember the Russian forest fires and reduced grain harvests, Pakistani floods, Chinese floods to mention only a few of the extreme weather events that were reported last year in the news.

The death toll from the recent USA tornado's was 193 killed, one tornado was reported as a mile in diameter.

So when will the denialist tendencies in many humans be superceded by an acceptance of our role in helping these extreme events into existence?
Even if this is too big a step for some, when will they accept that the precautionary principle the world adopted over the ozone holes threat by banning CFC and HCFC gas releases should also be adopted for greenhouse gasses we release (CO2, CH4, Nox etc)?

Isn't avoidance better than acting when its too late, or has apathy and surrender become the keywords that define a spectator society that lives in delusion about its own role in delivering its own fate?

Monday, 2 May 2011

Transition Stroud's Trashion Show: April 2011

Last Tuesday Transition Stroud's Trashion Show came to Randwick - well below is the video I've put together from other folks' video clips of the day - hope you enjoy!! There are some fantastic ideas about how to rejuvenate your clothes and more...a great day that engaged children and a fun evening...see photos in an earlier blog on this...