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Saturday, 30 April 2011

Was Kate Speaking the Language of Transition?

In spite of your political views about the royal wedding, it was difficult not to feel affectionate towards a couple who had used their special day to gain us all a day off work to celebrate, relax, and meet our neighbours. The building of community is a key transition requirement, as is working less, especially if your work involves harmful production or commuting.

But what about those trees? The effect as the bride walked down the aisle of Westminster Abbey was spectacular and brought the inspiration of nature to the wedding that contrasted with the stuffiness of so many formal occasions. But was Kate trying to tell us more, with her choice of natural decorations? According to florist Shane Connolly she insisted that everything had to be British and the inspirational words were 'English, natural, seasonal, ethical'. The trees which made such an impact were six field maples, apparently to represent humility, and two native English hornbeams, the tree which stands for resilience.

I wonder how long the honeymoon destination will remain a secret. This may be the best clue to the green credentials of the royal couple. A week in Pembrokeshire would indicate their true commitment to the transition holiday; the traditional jet-fuelled fortnight in Mustique could only be a disappointment after the hopeful signs of the wedding flora.

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