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Tuesday, 26 October 2010

We want your garden!

This is the initial publicity for a new project with Transition Stroud. We have a team of active members who are helping plan this event with our next meeting on 18th November. Here's what we sent to local press:

Photo: mural in Nailsworth Church

Transition Stroud are planning an Edible Open Gardens weekend 9th and 10th July

Following the huge success of the third Eco-Renovation Open Homes weekend in September where people opened their homes to learn more about energy efficiency and renewables, there are plans for an event that seeks to encourage people to grow and learn more about food.

Philip Booth, a Transition Stroud member said: "We are after veg and fruit gardens, allotments, herb and kitchen gardens, chicken keepers and more for people to come and see. We want to celebrate some of the wonderfully productive gardens and local food growing projects in the Stroud Valleys. Local food accounts for only 1.5% of national food consumption. Our food system is staggeringly inefficient and heavily dependent upon oil, at a time when the production of energy from fossil fuels is on the decline. Our dependence on imports is damaging for national food security, harmful to the environment and is simply unsustainable (i). With this Edible Open Gardens project we hope to all learn but also inspire more local food production at a lower environmental cost than the supermarkets."

Transition Stroud is a group working on the transition to a locally based low carbon. 20 gardens are already signed up. If anyone is interested in offering their garden for part of the weekend in July please contact Helen Pitel on 762957 or Philip Booth on email at: philip.booth2(at)


(i) Food Availability in the Stroud District, December 2008, written by Fi Macmillan and Dave Cockcroft of Transition Stroud. Download here.

Friday, 1 October 2010

Energy Monitors go into all libraries

You may remember that sometime ago Transition Stroud initiated a project to get Energy Monitors into libraries as part of the Transition Stroud Eco-Renovation Open Homes project - well it was launched last year - see here. Well I am delighted that the pilot project offering energy monitors for loan was so successful that it is to be rolled out across Gloucestershire.

Run by Severn Wye Energy Agency, in conjunction with Stroud District Council, the project now has a number of energy monitors for hire at every library across Gloucestershire, including the mobile libraries.

Here's how the press release describes it - although sadly no mention of Transition Stroud in making it happen in the first place...

Launching on 5th October at Nailsworth library, the project is part of SDC's continued work with the local energy organisation, Severn Wye Energy Agency, to help residents and local businesses do what they can to reduce energy consumption and save money.

The monitor is incredibly simple to install and just like a book, it can be borrowed for 3 illuminating weeks. The monitor helps track how much electricity a household is using and more importantly, how much it is wasting. Do you know how much leaving your television on standby really costs; have you ever seen how much more energy an ‘old style' light bulb uses compared to an energy efficient one? An energy monitor can help answer these questions.

The pilot project, which ran for 6 months during 2009/10, involved just 9 Gloucestershire libraries. It was so successful that the majority of them had a several month waiting list.

Commenting on the monitor during the pilot project, one resident said: “I cannot commend this monitor enough – it was an eye-opener for me and I became so obsessed with it that I was reluctant to return it! Thank you.”

More information is available on the Gloucestershire libraries website: For more energy saving advice visit: or call the Energy Savings Trust Advice Centre on 0800 512012.

Events in Stroud District area:
Launch at Nailsworth Library – 9.30, Tuesday 5th October
Central Mobile Library Launch – 9.30, Thursday 30th September