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Saturday, 8 May 2010

Turning the environment into us

This time last year I posted about a herb walk with Nathan that I had enjoyed at the Hawkwood Open Day. Nathan tells me that my enthusiasm outstripped my accuracy so I don't recommend you follow any of those prescriptions, although the spirit was right I'm sure!

This year, the burst of spring growth is being reflected in an excellent new stall we have at the Shambles Market: Rupert Burdock's Wild Food Emporium. Rupert (not his real name, sadly) makes weekly forays into the wild and brings back tasty plants which he turns into produce on his stall. This week there was wild-garlic pesto and hairy-bitter-cress cream chese. The most exciting produce was the brightly colourful dandelion and coconut ice.

'Rupert' also sells other products made from plants foraged directly from nature outside Stroud, including various types of seaweed, fungi and maple syrup. Although this does not have the beauty of reconnecting us to the local environment, it reminds us of the variety of nature's bounty. Rupert is also a keen supporter of Stroud pounds, which you can exchange for Stroud produce.

During our herb walk this year Nathan talked about how digestion is a process of 'making the environment into us'. Transition is all about being more involved in your local community, but eating local brings you into an automatic connection with your local environment. The Wild Food Emporium makes this connection deeper still.


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