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Friday, 19 February 2010

Low Carbon Bursary to Marling School

Dear Transitioners, the Transition Stroud Low Carbon Bursary to Marling School is releasing a teacher for half a day a week for 2 terms to focus on environmental issues. It is going well and there is already a sea-change in attitude and level of activity. Dave Cockcroft recently addressed the Marling Environmental Forum on renewable energy. Attached is a note on the first meeting between the staff involved and Transition Stroud and below is an extract from the February school newsletter. The cost of the bursary is £1,270. Of this, £1,000 has so far been raised - of which £400 has come from nine Transitioners and £100 from Transition Stroud's core funds. An earlier request for financial support on ANNOUNCE yielded no response - which was disappointing - and I have raised a further £500 from friends, contacts and extended family who are not involved with TS. However, I feel that for the bursary to be in the name of Transition Stroud more than half of the funds should come from TS members. I am sure that there are more than nine Transitioners who would like to support this pioneering initiative - which received such a warm response when it was announced in the Millennium Dome. If you would like to chip in with something, please send your cheque made out to Transition Stroud to Liz Hillary at 14,Burdett Road, Stonehouse, GL10 2JW. I will be working in Malawi for the next three weeks and hope that when I return we will be approaching our target. With thanks, John Meadley



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