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Sunday, 31 January 2010

Eco-Renovation Open Homes 2010 first meeting

Last week we had a meeting re the Eco-Renovation Open Homes 2010. Last year was the second year we organised this event and it was again hugely successful - attracting hundreds of visits to the open homes. Now we have agreed to go for it again this year.

It is a huge task to get all the homes sorted, insurance, funding, publicity, leaflets designed and delivered etc but we have a new team assembled with old faces like myself. We would welcome help so if you are interested please get in touch.

In previous years we've had a minibus energy safari around the homes, eco-homes walks, cafe and an installers fair - all of which we plan again - plus we introduced the energy monitors into libraries.

This year we would love to have more homes open but to also focus on a low income project and have some exciting ideas to pursue regarding that - one further idea is electric bikes - last year an electric bike turned up and provided much interest - this year we hope to schedule something into the programme.

See report of last years event now available to download from link here.