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Monday, 10 August 2009

Email from Poland

Dear Helen,
It's 11pm here in Poland but I just had to send you a quick email to tell you Stoud is internationally famous. I was at a very good talk this morning on "3 crises - energy, economic and environmental", and the speaker mentioned this very interesting movement in England called "Transition Towns". When it got to the end of the talk I stuck my hand up and said I was from a Transition Town and could he please write the Esperanto for transition towns on the board so I could make a note of it. He got very excited and asked me to come up and explain about Transition Towns but actually he'd already explained it very well. He had certainly heard of Stroud. Afterwards we had a bit of a chat and I've got his email and I hope he's going to send me a copy of his powerpoint because it was very clear and interesting. I was going to suggest maybe we could have some kind of twin town arrangement, but I found out he's from Paris, so maybe not. On the other hand, if Stoud's twin town in St. Ismier wants to consider becoming a transition town I now know someone who can explain it to them in French. That's worth thinking about.
Best wishes, Elizabeth.
P.S. Here in Esperantoland our environmental slogan is "Think globally, communicate internationally, act locally".


At 1 September 2009 at 15:18 , Blogger drose said...

Hello helen,
Very interesting. Could you let me have the contact for the " Polish"-Paris guy?
WHY? C'os I'm in a Transition group in Scotland and I have a great interest in getting transition moving in
France . I've just been invited to speak at A Council of Europe meeting in North West France and they are very keen to find out more. Love the twinning idea.
I did an environmental Twinning years ago with several groups in East European countries.
Warmest greetings Danielle


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