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Saturday, 9 May 2009

Age of Hopeless?

This week many of us saw the film "Age of Stupid" in Stroud, on Sunday the hall was packed and I expect that yesterdays showing was similarly attended.
We transitioners have sat with familiar faces from the local Green Party and others on many occasions over recent years and have seen other films that predict the failing society that will result when all the polar and glacial ice has melted and/or peak oil has made its mark.
None of this is cheery in its messages, and to add to the effect on our morale, national and local politicians continue to drag their feet over deciding on action to combat it. (In the case of the threat to a successful wind farm at Kirksanton in Cumbria, progress could be reversed if the turbines are removed to make way for a nuclear power station).

I think that some news of actual positive action is called for. The idea was first floated by Molly last Sunday and we agree it needs to be considered at the least.

Lets compile a film about the many initiatives that have already occurred here in Stroud area and show the film. No doubt the many occasions when film makers have filmed the farmers market, community agriculture days, bicology events and others have between them got many snippets of film data that could be made into a film that is inspirational and perhaps also points the way to a soundly based future.

So we are calling on you all to ask anyone you know who may be able to get their hands on some film footage that fits the idea.
We also need a script writer, narrator, and if new footage is needed a director, camera man/woman etc etc.

People say that Stroud has got in its culture many facets that distinguish it from other similarly sized and located towns, sometimes local TV news articles fail to show more than the more bizarre sights here, as they seek ratings and sensationalist events in favour of news of ordinary people responsibly changing life for the better. So lets do it for them!

Finally I suggest we exclude all politicians from this, either they are at the levers of power and don't use them for this cause or they cannot get at them to do so. Politics is currently spotlighted as corrupt, inwardly self serving and foot dragging about climate change or blindly pro nuclear. This idea is about real actions by ordinary people, past present and future.

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