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Thursday, 23 April 2009

Local Currency

So we are one step nearer to a local currency.

After a vote organised by Stroud Life there was a tie between the names Teasels and Stroud Pounds. At the training evening we decided to call the currency Stroud Pounds and have a picture of a teasel on it. We'll see what the final decision is nearer the launch.

The training evening was very lively with members going into groups and role playing business people, charities, bankers and local members trying to get the businesses to join up. We had John Rhodes in our group and it was hard to resist his arguments.

It was good to have Graham from Transport 21 showing his support for the scheme and thinking about ways his organisation could get involved.
One interesting question was raised - what do we think about businesses we don't approve of joining? After some discussion we decided that we would let them join because the ones we thought of probably wouldn't want to anyway as they were not local businesses and we need all the support we can get.
Maggie Mills once again let us use her wonderful cafe and an excellent evening was had by all.

I hope you are all putting your money aside ready to join the scheme in summer.


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