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Monday, 2 February 2009


I spent an interesting afternoon at Thomas Keble School at the Trashion Show. I say afternoon - most of it was spent in a ditch because my Tom Tom had taken me and my two passengers down a muddy, narrow track and we had to send for the cavalry in the form of a retired farmer in a tractor to come and get us out. Unfortunately (fortunately for us actually) the tractor also got stuck so we just had to trust our luck and go on down through the mud, which we did and came out safely the other end. We caught the tail end of the show and saw some wonderful clothes made out of old clothes, bits of material and many other things.

Several members of the Textile Group had made hats and bags out of available bits and pieces. I was very proud of a small bag I made out of plastic bags. It was going to be a carrier bag but the plastic took so long to knit that it ended up just big enough for my camera.
Maybe I'll get the hang of this idea that we have to be patient if we are going to have to make things for ourselves. I have been watching a television series about three people who are living like victorian farmers for a year. I am very impressed at the way they have to live, making everything themselves. The quality of their food, furnoture and fun is encouraging and impressive. maybe I will learn to slow down and make do. It looks like fun.


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