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Monday, 8 December 2008

Matt Harvey in town

It's been another lovely Stroud weekend. Sometime last week a friend from Wooton asked me to go to Matt Harvey's poetry performance in The Space. By an act of non-random synchronicity, the very next day I had a phone call from a BBC West producer. Rob Hopkins had told him to ring me to find something to film of Transition in Stroud. He was making a film about Matt's journey to the heart of Transition and wanted something filmic.

I admitted that I was spending the weekend making baskets with Sheila and they invited themselves along. Matt is quite delightful - and his show was so hilairious that I hurt my stomach. The star of the show was his character Empathman - the superhero for our times who manages to disarm dangerous criminals by connecting with their inner children. My friend's partner is a psychotherapist and she nearly fell off her chair with laughter as Matt went through his Client of the Year routine.

Matt made two beautiful wicker Christmas trees for his five-year-old twins. With Sheila's help I made ten or so which I took to the barter market on Sunday. I also made some face creams and recycled Christmas cards. It was a highly convivial event and I came back with a good haul of presents - and a nice warm feeling. I also have a rather erratic and rustic shopping basket which has just proved itself during a trip into town.

The film should be available in a few months and I will certainly post it to this blog if I can work out how. And by the way Helen (nice photos!) it was teasles not thistles!!


At 10 December 2008 at 15:02 , Blogger Helen said...

teasles, of course. And very beautiful they were....


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