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Sunday, 30 November 2008

Launch of the Eco-Bardic Manifesto

If you've ever wondered what we will be doing to entertain ourselves after oil then clear you mind of the fearful vision of endless games of charades around a single, flickering candle. Last night we enjoyed a feast of entertainment by talented musicians, story-tellers and poets.

A friend had told me about the philosophy behind the eco-bardic manifesto and I was sufficiently intrigued to endure the possible toe-curling nature of what I expected to find in the British School. But my prejudices were blown away by the power and excitement generated by the artists and performers. The evening was a birthday celebration for William Blake, and many of the pieces were either inspired by Blake or recitations of his own verse.

The evening was sponsored by Fire Springs, a company of performers who have been working together since 2000 and who share 'an audacious vision for the arts that holds together commitment to artistic integrity and craft with responsiveness to the challenges of our time.

The manifesto itself is a deep and inspiring document (ring Anthony Nanson on 840887 or Jay Ramsay on 759436 to get hold of a copy) but the message was communicated far more powerfully by the reality of the performances themselves. The bardic tradition is a source of energy from old Albion that we can draw on in our time of need.

Helen Moore recited a poem that had been inspired by a seed-saving event. This year's annual seed-saving was taking place simultaneously next door at Star Anise cafe - so there was much useful cross-fertilisation between the green-fingered types and our local literary artists. How could TV possibly compete?


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