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Friday, 31 October 2008

Successful afternoon apple picking and juicing

From Julia Currie:

About 50 people turned up at the orchard at Humphreys End, Randwick/Ruscombe to pick apples on Saturday 25th. Everyone had the additional bonus of seeing apples pressed and juiced and then tasted. Some were able to take some juice away to drink at home and it couldn’t have got more fresh or local than that!

It was wonderful to see the apples doing more than just dropping off the branches as has happened over the last 10 years. Although doubtless the birds had enjoyed them! As supermarkets have turned away from local fruit and traditional apple varieties, so orchards have fallen into neglect or been grubbed up. But now for local people there is a ready source of unsprayed Newton Wonders, Blenheim Orange and Bramleys to choose from.

As I have planted up the orchard with Gloucestershire varieties including Stroud’s own Lodgemore apple, in years to come, as more old trees die, so we will have further access to our own wonderful local apple varieties..

Saturday 8th November from 2-5pm will give locals a chance to pick again - £5 per large sack (provided) or £2 for supermarket size carriers if brought along. Please be prepared for the apples to have small blemishes – the bonus from not being sprayed.

Do come along and join in the fun; pick apples, juice fruit and bring your own containers to buy some juice. (Please bring a bike helmet if you have one!). There will also be a recipe sheet and information about the orchard, and for anyone wanting to have a greater involvement in the orchard, I will be taking contact details. See you there, but call if you need directions or handy parking – Julia Currie 764376

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