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Wednesday, 6 August 2008

On My Bike

Now I wouldn't say I was much of a biker, in fact when I was searching for a word to describe it I came up with 'pusillanimous'. Unlike the professional bikers we have in Transition Stroud I was a bit wobbly. But I felt I had to at least try after hearing a talk and power point presentation given by Kevin at David Drew's Climate Change Bill meeting. It was very depressing and rather frightening (we are losing 200 species a day!) but at least it got me on my bike.
(Picture: Imogen looking cool with James in the background)
I had to get a few things organised first. It's not easy finding a helmet to fit when you have just spent a morning spiking your hair up to make you look a bit younger, (well I have got an image to keep up here - I'm a singer in a band, me and Rod Stewart have to think of our appearance) and then there's an outfit that can be seen that fits in with my colour co-ordination.

I do have a very nice bike and the lads at Cytek will always look after me if I need help. So I eventually ran out of excuses and got on my bike.

My high healed shoes were a bit of a nuisance but I managed to wobble off down the road. I know one is not supposed to cycle along the footpath by the canal but it is lovely and bikers must use it judging by the tyre tracks in the mud.

I wouldn't say I was fast but I did see more. A very large woodlouse was trundling along ahead of me. Yes I did manage to overtake it but my point is I wouldn't have noticed it if I was in a car. Not much of a recommendation I admit but I did see a lot of insects and flowers and heard the birds. I'm not sure if there are as many as I have noticed in the past (maybe Kevin has a point) but it is wonderful to slow down and take notice of my surroundings. It was also rather fun to come up behind some very small boys on their bikes. As soon as I (very politely) overtook them they felt obliged to prove that they could keep up with me so, as we travelled along in formation we started a conversation about where they were going and how they enjoyed the bike jumps in Victory Park.

Another perk of riding was being overtaken by a very nice set of calves ... oh sorry, was that a bit sexist? legist? .... never mind, I don't think anyone reads this stuff....

My point is, if I can do it, get on my bike that is, it's a very low bench mark - maybe you can too...