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Monday, 19 May 2008

Tour de Presteigne - electric bike rally

Myself, Nigel and Maisy travelled to Presteigne on Sunday (19 May) to visit the electric bike festival. I took along my Kalkhoff Agattu and had fantastic fun riding the the Tour de Presteigne - the world's premier electric bike rally. Very pleased with myself managing to complete 19 laps and having loads of cheers from the spectators, especially the children who liked my puffin helmet... See pics of the event at - Photo Gallery

Many of the top electric bike brands were at the show and plenty of folks got time to try bikes but only for short rides. I've been busy lending out my bike to interested local people who want to cycle more but find the hills and valleys around Stroud to be a bit off putting. So far rave reviews... people keep falling in love with the bike, it really does put the fun back into getting around and flattens out those hills.

Getting to see lots of other bikes at the show and talking to other owners I'm quite happy I made the right choice in the Kalkhoff. Although it seems expensive at first it's getting ridden a lot and will last many years I'm sure. The cheaper electric bikes I've seen are very inferior bikes in terms of frame and components and not up to serious everyday use, never mind being able to power up the big hills.

So if you're after a transition vehicle you can't go far wrong with a Kalkhoff Agattu - (I've got the medium stepthru frame and it can be adjusted to suit almost anyone - great for a bike shared by various members of the family) and by buying on the Cycle to Work Scheme you get it almost half price. If you're in Stroud and would like to borrow my bike for test ride please get in touch.


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