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Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Alternative Textiles Day

The Textiles Group put on a wonderful alternative textiles exhibition in John Street on Saturday.

A steady stream of people, both informed and otherwise came to visit and some excellent networking went on.

It was good to put faces to emails and meet some of the members while the sun shone. Emily, omnipresent as ever, was in two places at once (Stroud and Nailsworth). Only two you cry!

The stalls included Daylight Rubbery (Tara above), Emily's buttons and old lace, Jane's beautiful 'tea bags' (Patsy left), Imogen making flags for the bike ride to Chalford, the Disabled Workers stall, a facinating rag rug being made by Cathy from old clothes, Ricia's hedge dyes (below right) and the transfer stall where you could paint the Transition logo on a tea shirt. Molly set up a hemp stall and Rose sat and span on a beautiful spinning wheel and sold her delightful clothes made from bits and pieces she had put together from other clothes and material. Jessie's stall draped with the most gorgeous hand dyed clothes made up the exhibition and lots of Transition brochurs were given out to passers by. The Make Do and Mend exhibition in the Art Space seemed to attract a lot of interest throughout the day.

On Bank holiday Monday one or two transitioiners made it to Hawkwood College for their open day. We spent a laid back, mellow day on a stall in the tent at the bottom of a field. Yes well, transition? me? It's the closest I'm getting to camping.


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