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Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Transition Network Conference, 11 – 13th April 2008

I have arrived home from the Transition Network Conference full of hope and comfort. Hope that there are so many people who are prepared to make a difference, and comfort that I don’t have to do anything alone.

We began with a talk by Caroline Lucas. I thought I wasn’t roused or inspired and yet I found myself constantly wanting to write down what she said because it was worth remembering. Things like “a low carbon lifestyle” (or any phrase with low in it) is not an inspiring phrase. We must use terms like “living lightly” and “we want streets to belong to people again”. “When things are closer together we will have more time to spend with friends.”
It was an excellent start to the conference.
Ben Brangwyn followed and stated that we are a movement to get unelectable policies electable.
Naresh and Sophy reminded us that the weekend was not all about thinking, it was also about feeling and led us in an exercise to connect with our heart and soul.

Workshop 1 for me was Story Telling.
We created a town in the present day and then dreamed improvements in the future. It was good fun and very imaginative. Hannah left us with a beautiful quote from Rilke, “The future enters into us in order to transform itself long before it happens.”

The next day my workshop was with herbalist Mandy Dean from Bro Ddyfi. We looked at modern ailments and tried to work out what were some of the main causes. It is possible that many people now have allergies because we are too clean so doctors are injecting children with soil from Africa to help their immune system! We ended the workshop by looking at local flowers and herbs and learning their uses. I will now think very differently about the common daisy which is such a brilliant little plant.

I took part in several other workshops including Dealing with Backlash (something we may need to have a strategy for) and Avoiding Activist Burnout. With the help of the wisdom of Joanna Macy we learned that to avoid burnout we turn to each other not from each other.

I came home with a note book full of ideas and wisdom and have made new contacts with Transitioners all over the world. A most enjoyable and hopeful experience.


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