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Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Mass cycle ride planned

A date for your diary from the Stroud Cycle Campaign – Sunday 15th June; Cycling event to show the demand / need for a safe cycle route between Stroud and Chalford leaving Subscription Rooms Forecourt Stroud, and bottom of Marle Hill Chalford anytime between 10am and 12 noon.

As you will know cyclists and potential cyclists find the A419 between Stroud and Chalford hazardous because of the volume and speed of traffic. We had hoped this problem would be partially resolved by the upgrading of the towpath, initially as far as Brimscombe Port. But this expectation now seems precarious due to British Waterways withdrawal from the canal project. We therefore think it an opportune time to highlight the need for a safe route.

On 15th June we are arranging a cycling event along the A419. Like a similar event in 2000 participants will cycle in groups of 10 or 12, normally with a leader and a backmarker. We have arranged for help from the Special Police at points where we are most likely to come into potential conflict with motorists, and we anticipate these will include crossing the road at Chalford. We would like to end the ride at the playing field in Chalford where we will arrange some bicycle events, probably including simple maintenance, other activities, and a picnic. Alternatively if participants are short of time they can cycle to Chalford, and straight back


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