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Monday, 31 March 2008

Events galore

Take a look at this lot sent around Transition email lists by Simon extraordinary load of films, music and events....

The Nailstock Festival takes place from 26 April to 15 May. Transition Stroud is involved with two events. If you've not already been asked, it would be wonderful if you could come along and help, or participate, in something you see here that excites you!

1. 'Nailstock' Community Music Festival, 26 April 12.00noon – 11.15 pm.
At this one day live music festival Transition Stroud has a stand, and will also be 'marshalling' the recycling effort at the site. We need people to assist with the stand, and wander the site helping with recycling. It's a great opportunity for us to get 'out there' and chat to people about peak oil and climate change!
2. The Festival Exhibition – 'Transition', 26 April – 15 May.
This is a 3 week programme of collaborative creations, films, events and talks exploring the past, present and future of power in and around the Horsley Valley at Ruskin Mill. There are many opportunities to participate. This exciting programme has been collaboratively developed by Jonathan Code, Odilia Jarman and Dan Gooch under the watchful eye of Sue Smee and with the participation of Sam Mukumba, Emily Smith and Tara Downs.

Full details are given below.

'Nailstock' – 26 April 12.00noon to 11.15 pm What is it?
An all day festival of contemporary music on George V Playing Field in Nailsworth, that launches the 3 week Nailsworth Festival. 'Nailstock' provides great opportunities for local young people – and older ones - to perform on a decent stage, with good PA and lights etc. It attracts families and a great cross- section of people. 7,000 can pass though the gates during the day – and at headline performances there maybe 2,500- 3000 there. See

The organisers are keen to improve the environmental footprint of Nailstock and asked Transition Stroud could assist with 'marshalling' rubbish collection / encouraging people to put it in the correct re-cycling bins etc, both on the performance day Saturday 26th April, and the tidy up day Sunday 27th……and do what we can to raise 'environmental' awareness at the festival.....Transition Stroud will have a stand for our own displays, publicity and acknowledgement during the festival. Helpers get free entry, free food, high visibility TS jackets (Oooh!), and plenty of opportunities to interact with people about the issues of peak oil, climate change, and TS!

Each TS group has been asked to consider how we can represent ourselves, both in person and with some tangible item / representation of each group's work on the stand. If you would like to help with this opportunity please contact your group co-ordinator or Simon Allen.

Ruskin Mill invites you to Transition

A programme of collaborative creations, films, events and talks exploring the past, present and future of power in and around the Horsley Valley, centred around the Nailsworth Festival Exhibition 'The Last Resource?' in the Gallery at Ruskin Mill. From millponds to Concorde, oxen to Ecotricity: for four thousand years, the Five Valleys have prospered by harnessing the power of animals, wind, water and now fossil fuels. How will they respond to the end of the Oil Age?

Saturday 26th April - Thursday 15th May 10.00am - 5.00pm daily
We invite you to contribute to our exploration of TRANSITION. Take a moment....consider that everything you see has a story....a pathway from the past, a potential future...Everything is intimately linked to a material, a maker, and a source of energy...We have THREE WEEKS, and you have the fragments, the memories, the hopes, struggles, stories, the materials...
"Stories are the secret reservoir of values: change the stories individuals and nations live by and tell themselves and you change the individuals and nations. If they tell themselves stories that face their own truths, they will free their histories for future flowerings."
Ben Okri
We would like you to bring...
Saturday 26 April
...your hands and feet to help us build a bread oven in NAILSWORTH (Nailsworth Festival Crafts in Action 10am – 4pm). Facilitated by Sam Mukumba
Thursday1 May– Saturday 3 May 1pm – 4pm
...a piece of CLOTH or clothing whose story of TRANSITION is captured in its texture, in a rip, stain, pattern, patch, wrinkle. Facilitated by Emily Smith
Thursday8May– Saturday 10 May 1pm – 4pm
...a FRAGMENT of stone, glass, tile, pot…..perhaps it was a wall, a floor, a vessel, a place to dwell, a SHELTER that once was or that could be…Facilitated by Tara Downs

Sunday 11 May –Tuesday14 May 1pm – 4pm
...a SEED. Facilitated by Sam Mukumba

SHARE your stories by contributing to collaborative creations in Substance and Word - For more information please phone 01453 837537

Transition Films at Ruskin Mill

Who Killed the Electric Car?
Thursday 1 May 7.30pm £3. Running solely on electricity, General Motors' EV-1 vehicles were so efficient they threatened to change the future of driving in America. So why were they all destroyed? Narrated by Martin Sheen, this film unravels the puzzling demise of a vehicle that challenged America's damaging addiction to foreign oil.
Also showing at The Space, Lansdown, Stroud on Saturday 3 May 7pm£4

Who's Counting?
Thursday 8 May 7.30pm £3. Marilyn Waring on Sex, Lies and Global Economics
Directed with compelling beauty and humour by Oscar winner Terre Nash, this film contrasts the uncounted productivity of nature and women worldwide with conventional accounting systems rooted in military economics.
Also showing at The Space, Lansdown, Stroud on Sunday 11 May 6pm£4

The Real Dirt on Farmer John
Tuesday 13 May 7.30pm £3. An outcast from his community, Farmer John ploughs his unique furrow through a failing economy, vicious rumours and violence. By melding the traditions of family farming with the power of art, this story of transformation and renewal heralds a resurrection for agriculture.
Also showing at The Space, Lansdown, Stroud on Sunday 18 May 6pm£4


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