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Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Open Space meeting on Sunday

Here are some photos from Molly - a write up is coming soon - and hey what a brilliant banner!

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

How can we avoid future oil wars? Oil depletion and US-UK foreign policy

An earlier blog has feedback from a member who attended the All-Party Parliamentary group on Peak Oil - now there is a joint meeting of the All-Party Parliamentary Groups on Peak Oil and Conflict Issues - see below - it is great these are getting on the agenda but sadly barely a handful of MPs attend - there seems to be more concern about issues like paying your relatives to work for you......

'How can we avoid future oil wars? Oil depletion and US-UK foreign policy'

Wednesday 27th February - 6.30pm - Committee Room 12, House of Commons

Prof. Paul Rogers (Bradford University, Oxford Research Group)
Prof. Mary Kaldor (LSE, author of OIL WARS)
The meeting will explore the current status of the military dimension of oil security strategy in Britain and theUS. It will also look at ways in which we can work to avoid future UK involvement in oil-related conflict. To be followed by Q & A.


APPGOPO is the catchy title of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Peak Oil and Gas. You can see what their up to and subscribe to the mailing list at:

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Report to go to councillors soon

'Preparing for Peak Oil' is an excellent report from The Oil Depletion Analysis Centre

You can download it free from the link above and the Business and Government group are looking at how it can be made available to all local councillors - the purpose of the report is to summarize which authorities are doing what, and to draw together the most promising polices for tackling peak oil, so that all British local authorities can benefit from best practice being developed both at home and abroad.

Almost every area of policy is affected, from public transport to planning. The suggested policy changes are usually complimentary to those required to combat global warming, but there are also important distinctions that may affect the conclusions drawn by local authorities. This is particularly true of natural gas, where supply difficulties are also expected in the relatively short term. But whatever the motivation of a particular council - climate change or peak oil - many of the suggested policies would also reduce expenditure almost immediately simply by saving energy.

Monday, 11 February 2008

The Myths of Biofuels

This is an open invitation to this weeks Energy Group meeting at 7pm on Weds 13th Feb in the Gold Room at The Centre for Science and Art on Lansdown in Stroud - see map here.

7pm - Open Homes and Gardens for a more sustainable future
This is a discussion about how to take forward the idea of an Open Studios type event for homes and gardens that promote energy efficiency, renewable energy and home food production. Provisional discussions have taken place with district council and this is part of the preparation for the next meeting with District on 21st. Philip Booth will be coming along to lead this discussion.

* A film of a presentation by David Fridley for San Fransisco Peak Oil group - THE MYTHS OF BIOFUELS
* Short presentation from Dave Cockcroft on Stroud District capacity for biofuel & biomass production
* Short presentation from Martin Quick on second generation biofuels
* Input from anyone else who would like to present (briefly)
* Questions and Discussion
9.30(ish) finish and time for pub or home...

Monday, 4 February 2008

Transirtion Stroud logo

One of the discussion items for the TS Open meeting in Lansdown this Thursday is the Transition Stroud logo - some excellent ideas have already been circulated by Mark Epton - can't seem to get the pdf on this blog - which is a pity as they are interesting - he also looked at what message we want to give in a very useful discussion paper which includes other Transition Towns and more - it has been circulated on some of the TS lists and will be available on Thursday.

Meanwhile Emily and Fran have thrown together some other draft ideas - all these are up for discussion....