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Monday, 14 January 2008

Latest Steering Group Minutes: 3rd January

Present – Mike, Jackie, Simon Allen, Dave Cockroft, Ben, Matt, Emily, Bob,
Molly, Ody, James, Phillip. Facilitators – Jackie & Mike

Next Meeting: 7th Feb, Centre for Science and Art, Lansdown 7.30-9.30pm

As requested by the facilitators, James gave a brief introduction to
Handsignals and processes for use in consensus decision-making meetings.
Some resources have been left in ‘The Room’ (they can also be found online

An agenda was formulated and prioritised by those present. Jackie
proposed that this is done in future, rather than agendas being set

It was decided to record outcomes, rather than take detailed minutes.

Bicycology ( were given group approval to use ‘The Room’ for a national meeting, 2nd-3rd February. This will tie in with a film-night/event. James is to book ‘The Room’.

Dave and Ben introduced a proposed new website they have been working on with Ody. The aim is to make an easy to use first point of contact for new members. They were given group approval to pursue and to chase people
who may be interested in being editors or contribute content (contact

Open Meetings will continue to happen on the first Thursday each month at
Centre for Science and Art, Lansdown, but with NEW TIMINGS: 7.30pm -
9.30pm starting and finishing promptly!

Updates from Working Groups:

Business and Government - The (district Level) Local Strategic Partnership has invited the 'Think Tank on Responding to Global Challenges' (including Transitioners Dave Judd and Fi MacMillan) to examine how the district can respond to the twin challenges of climate change and peak oil. The LSP is a network organisation which includes county, district, parish, town council groups and others. The Think Tank is taking submissions in various areas (eg. Planning, transport) and then making a report to the LSP on the issues involved in each area.
Livelihoods and Lifestyles have little to report – are meeting next week
Textiles - nothing to report.
Energy – are starting (hopefully monthly) meetings again after a long
break. They have been approached by Alaistair at the Centre for Science &
Art about a Low-Impact Build project at Upper Lodge, for which planning
permission has been granted. A surveyor/architect is interested, and the
project will hopefully be very hands-on.
Transport – are meeting Tuesday 15th Jan at the Centre for Science and
Art, 7.30 – 9.30. They have been pursuing population/travel information. They are also looking into the example of the Department for Transport’s ‘Sustainable Travel Demonstration Towns’ in particular Worcester (
Connections – Have approached Stroud Slad Farm about the possibility of
holding Seasonal Celebrations at the farm. They met on the 4th Jan.
Education, Training and Skills Group meets next week - Thursday 10th
January 8.00p.m at 62 Westward Road, Stroud. For discussion - Training and
skills audit and options for working with schools. All welcome. Any
queries please Email or phone Helen Pitel (Co-ordinator) on 01453 762957.

John Meadley ( had previously offered to collate information from Working Groups. It was hoped that a least one
member of each Working Groups would be present at the Open Meetings, so a
brief update of all groups activities could take place at the start of the
meeting. Updates will be needed for the new website when it is online.

Support Roles
Support Roles feedback:

It was stressed that there are still Support roles that need to be taken on: ‘Outreach’ and ‘Chair’.

Events Jackie is keen to get a calendar of produced to hand out, sees the role as coordinating not necessarily doing.
IT/Communications Ben and Jess have thought about the role, creating a
list of tasks involved, covering the website, presentations/events,
marketing, internal communication and information capture.
‘Homemaker’ Emily offered to take on making ‘The Room’ more homely, and possibly a support role of ‘homemaker for the room’ in future.
Money – Rose not present.

Transition Stroud has priority use of ‘The Room’ until August. Jackie is the only Keyholder at present, but would appreciate a couple of others to take on the responsibility as well.

Nailstock: Simon Allen reported that through his connections to Nailstock, Transition Stroud has been invited to organise the recycling at this year’s event - April 26th. Transition Stroud would get a stall in exchange. Simon is to chase up what is involved and to find out the date by which they would
need to know whether we would do it.

The Open Space event: Initially scheduled for 3rd Feb, the Open Space event is now going to take place on the 26th February.

Facilitation for next meeting: Jackie and Mike have facilitated the last two meetings - the intention is that the role rotates, so it would be great if there were volunteers to take over the role for the next couple of meetings. Working as a pair seems a good option and Jackie & Mike have offered to share their experiences. Contact

Feedback on Meeting: Jackie proposed that all future meetings have space for people to give feedback on the meeting. For this meeting it was mainly positive.

Agenda Items left till next meeting: The Room, Transition Library, Open Eco-homes, Events – films/speakers.


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At 18 January 2008 at 12:30 , Blogger fari said...

Bicycology are amazing lucky you! They did a free bike doctor and film night in London recently. Can anyone come along or do they have to be part of the transition group please? In fact what qualifies someone to come along to one of your groups? I can't seem to find the info. You deal with some really cool subjects which is important for people who might feel a bit stranded in Stroud. Please be sure to let us know!

Many thanks,
Fari and Natalie


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