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Saturday, 19 January 2008

Bicycology Stroud: third Bike Film Night

Bicycology Stroud is holding it's third Bike Film Night at the Sub rooms Cafe Bar on Thursday 31st January from 7-10pm - The event is free, but donations are appreciated - As usual the theme is the promotion of cycling alongside attempts to raise awareness of environmental issues.

Here is what they write: "As it's depressing January, however, we are leaning (more than usual!) towards bizarre, beautiful and fun films for this film night.There will be a varied selection of short films from around the world, the headline film being a half hour documentary about an American group - The Winking Circle - who promise "joyous rebellion and all-round eccentrification"."


At 20 January 2008 at 07:26 , Blogger benny_z said...

Hi Phillip,
We're from Canada -- Uxbridge Ontario. My bro and I write this from a small internet cafe in Aswan, Egypt -- we're shooting a film on the Tour d'Afrique.
Have a great film night!


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