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Monday, 10 December 2007

Transition Stroud Core Group Meeting 6 December 2007

Agenda Items

Education Updates
Communication between Groups
Lists - Core/General
Description of Transition Stroud
Film and Bigger Events
Useage and arrangements of the Room in the Centre of Science and Art
How to Grow the Movement

Groups currently involved in Transition Stroud

Education Group
The education group is looking at how to involve schools in transition
issues. They have started with primary schools, where they have introduced
the subject of sustainability and leadership. They would like to pass on the
primary school model they have developed to other schools.

They would also like to carry out a skills audit among the members of
Transition Stroud, in order to find out what skills people have which could
be passed on to other people. Since there is no funding at present they
decided that the exchange of skills could start on an informal basis and
could gradually lead on to courses designed to teach skills, if and when
funding became available. ( At the present time, although Transition Stroud
has a bank account, it does not have a constitution and cannot therefore
decide how funding could be applied for).

Local Government Liason Group
this has now become:
Business and Government Group
The Business and Government Group made contact with Nigel Riglar, so that
they could take part in the Strategic Partnership.
The group will take submissions from the planning and environment agency
about how to adapt to climate change.

Textile Group
The textile group has acquired two weaving looms and obtained permission to
put the weaving looms in the Transition Stroud Room. They also have
permission to have a teacher in the room teaching people to weave, dye and
spin. They would like to arrange set times for these activities, for example
two days per month.

Food Group
6 interrelated groups are working on food projects and applying for funding.
Stroud is developing an identity as a food hub, connecting producers with
consumers, aiming to make the projects a real alternative to supermakets.
Ruth is involved in marketing. Jess is involved in processing gluts.
Currently between fifteen and twenty producers and two hundred consumers are
The depot is at Parliament Primary School and the whole project is online.
It was agreed that collection and delivery systems could be improved since
lots of different vehicles are currently used for delivery.

Lifestyle and livelihood group
Lifestyle and livelihood group have agreed to revitalise the LETS system
Health comes under lifestyle and livelihood but nothing is currently being
done about health within the transition movement.

Transport Group
James did a stall for car free day. He is trying to produce a document.
Carol produced a document about busses and the places you could go to by
bus, but they didn't discuss this at their meeting, focussing instead on the
problems posed by commuting.

Connections Group
The connections group is oiling the wheels of the project, negotiating for
the use of the room and facilitating meetings.
They would like to celebrate Celtic Festivals, on a small scale for the
invited few this year but on a larger scale next year for the general
They will produce a leaflet.

Energy Group
The energy group would like to develop a wind turbine project. They have
been discussing the best way to do things and would like to form a
collaboration between Stroud, Thrupp, Bisley to get the wind turbines up.

The Five Roles
At the last meeting it was decided that six roles needed to be filled, but
now they have been wittled down to five:

It was suggested that a paid part time worker could carry out several of
these roles but James (the bike) was worried that this would create a rift
between the paid and the unpaid members of the core group.
At this point there was some discussion about the danger of setting up a
heirarchy with the core group at the apex, so it was decided to change the
name of the core group to SUPPORT GROUP.
There was some discussion about the purpose of Transition Stroud and whether
funding should be applied for.
The Room is at present being paid for by Ruskin Mill, who envisaged that
there would eventually be a cafe in it.
The transport group is clear that they need funding in order to carry out a
Molly suggested that decision making should be made by majority vote, not
100% consensus, since the latter is disemowering.
Some of the groups now have money, as a result of events they have
organised, so there was discussion about where to put the money - in
separate bank accounts, but all in the same bank, for example.
Someone suggested that everybody could write a page describing Transition
Stroud and circulate all of it to everybody. The resulting document
(presumably whittled down to something digestible and intelligible) could be
sent to the paper in order to publicise Transition Stroud.
John raised the issue of different people turning up to each core (support)
group meeting, which clearly did not work.
Molly proposed that an open meeting which anyone could attend be held one
month and the following month a meeting be held just for members of the
subgroups and that the same members attend each time.

Thefollowing people volunteered for the five roles:

Jackie Rowanly - events
Ben Evans and Jessica Standing - Communications (Ben only for the IT side
of communications)
Role Liles - Money
Simon Allen - Outreach (from March)
Dave Judd (who was not present but was volunteered in his absence) -
Secretary and Coordinator
Chair was scrapped.

It was agreed that the groups should discuss what they want these people to
Meetings will be held every first Thursday of every month.

The connections group will discuss the running of an open space event. At
the open space event a theme or question will be presented and those present
will decide what to discuss, then break into smaller groups, discuss the
theme or question, then report back.


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