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Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Things We Said Last Month

I've been out of circulation so long I can't remember when this meetnig happened and how many meetings there have been since. It was a core group meeting, date was 1 November I think, venue was Odi's place.

Present: Odi, Francisco, Jackie, Molly, Rosemary, Ellen
Apologies: Mike J., Dave J., James, Jessica S.

Because there were a couple of new people we began with introductions

Francisco wants to build an ecovillage in Stroud. He trained as a teacher. He came to the Heiberg event and wants to know more about how TS materialises. He stressed the importance of integrating all aspects of sustainability.

Ellen has been travelling around Asia without flying. She is interesting in how Transition stuff and alternative lifestyles interact with the mainstream. She wants to know how to make those first steps in thinking about how you relate to your environment. She works in community development.

Jackie reported on the Waldorf College Room. Working group co-ordinators should have the key code for the door. There will be three named keyholders to lock the outer door if they are the last to leave. It was agreed that we would bring in furniture to make it a cosy space. Bookings need to be made with Waldorf College (840009) because otherwise the room may be in use by the college. This might be done by a Google calendar system.

Rose reported that two looms are available from Paradise House as a result of downsizing. There was support in principle for the textiles group to be supported in adopting them. Rose will discuss this with Alastair. The Fashion Show was a fab success. There was a plan to show a video of it in the Waldorf College room.

Swaporium. Molly will make posters and print some money. It will be held at Waldorf College on Buy Nothing Day (24th November). Odi will put an ad in the Community Mag and Molly will send a press release to the SNJ and send info around the news group. (Sorry none of this happened due to my illness.) There was a discussion of alternative currencies and Molly gave feedback from Lewes.

Odi updated people on the Transition Cafe. The meeting at Star Anise was very positive and Odi has since worked up the proposal together with Ruth. She wants to present this to the local big wheels on the property scene: SCW, Andrew Whaddon, the Gordons, etc. The proposal includes a bulletin board, bicycle workshop, pedal-powered laptop, basket-making and weaving, cooking workshops. A seasonal hot-pot will be available at the Restaurant at the End of the Universe. A possible name is In Transition. Odi has her eye on the furniture recycling place in John Street. A display in the window rotated around the working groups could provide a public interface for TS. Ellen will work on this: she was involved in getting the Painswick Inn cafe together.

We need a phone and an ansafone.

Jonathan and Daniela are putting on a Ted Hughes play at Stroud Slad Farm by actors from the local community.

Rose suggested the idea of holiday home swaps between Transition communities. She will email Ben Brangwyn of the Transition Network about this.

Discussion on what the core group is for (could we have a meeting without this discussion?) Communications, money etc. are not being done efficiently. We should have a monthly open meeting on the first Thursday of the month. The core group should be an over-arching group dealing with money. I was supposed to resuscitate my proposal I sent to Mike about what the key roles are, which was added to by Dave. The people identified for these roles hold responsibility for this function and make sure it happens; they don't do all the work themselves.

Next meeting will be 6th December, 8pm, at Waldorf College. This meeting will select the core group.


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