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Thursday, 15 November 2007

Business and Government Group meet with District Council

On 8 November 2007 the group met with an Officer from Stroud District Council to explore ways forward. Here is some of those discussions:

Update on peak oil reports

Mike did very comprehensive overview of current situation – some key points being:

· In 2030 – 50% less energy than now
· 2 degree rise now thought to be untenable and half a degree more appropriate. So how do we pull carbon down out of the atmosphere?
· Oil already at $100 per barrel – could be $300 in 3 years.
· More important to do things now to reduce carbon, than debate targets for 2050.
· Three very difficult points need communicating – better to save 1% now than say 5% in 5 years time; there is already 40 years ‘lag’ in the system; we tend to think/plan in a linear way, yet we are already experiencing non linear changes.

Other updates on related areas:

· 80% of the homes for 2050 already built. Retrofitting homes estimated to cost circa £25k.
· Planners grappling with approving new homes, as non- vernacular solutions are required for sustainability eg use of non local materials and enabling all homes to be south facing development
· Many business failures linked to rises in energy prices as main reason for failures is tightness of margins – hence energy rises can tip marginal companies over.
· LSP is re writing its community consultation paper – this needs a piece on climate change.
· Could ‘State of the District’ address in March cover climate change/peak oil issues

Update on LSP objectives for Think Tank

The next steps and process for the LSP work was clarified:

· a draft paper to the Think Tank should be out very soon
· In December (14th) Think Tank will take submissions on Land Use and Transportation from SDC, Environment Agency and other well informed bodies. These submissions, along with short extracts from UKCIP, Portland etc will frame consultation activity for all LSP members (start say February – end May/June). While LSP is addressing this topic, Think Tank will start on 2nd topic ie Food and Agriculture, hence starting a rolling parallel programme

Transition Stroud vision of process of engagement

Discussion re importance of using of LSP consultation process to help engagement, understanding and action so the process of producing a report actually helps /encourages LSP members into action, as opposed to just waiting for the report. TTS resources would be available to help facilitate such consultation. Plus:

• Occasional review meetings with District Council. Next one proposed for January.
• Contraction and Convergence – how does it look for Stroud?


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