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Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Update on Transport sub-group

It is hard to summarise all the energy and enthusiasm of this group but here is one members account of the group over the last couple of months...

Photo: Citizen coverage of Camp Hope a weekend camp to protest at the expansion of Gloucestershires Airport at Staverton - Transition Transport members supported the event by cycling from Stroud

We are still feeling our way in such a complex area and at our meeting in July we agreed to focus on:
- Bringing together information on all existing initiatives relating to travel and transport whether by the local councils, NGOs or other groups onto the website
- Enabling others to do things.
- Doing things ourselves including through demonstrations

Under James's management the
Transition Transport part of the website is gradually filling up with useful information on public transport options and other initiatives (e.g. Glos Minibus Scheme, Stroud Car Club) - these include a few practical initiatives that are emerging including Molly's Green Thumb, promoting cycling on car-free day in Stroud High Street, looking at the possibility of setting up a Bike Centre as a social enterprise, researching different makes of electric bikes to see which might be most relevant to Stroud Valleys conditions with a view to perhaps purchasing a few for renting out.

We are proceeding cautiously since we are conscious that there are a number of transport related initiatives in the district (e.g. the Stroud District Pedestrian and Cycling Lobby Group) and we do not want to reinvent the wheel nor step on the toes of others. Further, we are conscious that when we go public with a significant initiative we want to be sure that we have done our homework and get it right. We also want to link in with other parts of TS which impinge on transport - e.g. energy.

Finally, perhaps more than other areas of TS, the decisions are made by other large organisations such as Stroud District Council, Glos County Council, Stagecoach, First Great Western and Virgin Trains - with whom we will have to negotiate. Probably the most significant outputs have been the collating and sharing of information on public transport and on promoting cycling. More in the pipeline in due course.


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