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Friday, 26 October 2007

Remaking our Ideas about Fashion

Transition Stroud Textile Group did us proud last night with a Catwalk Show at The Space. Half a dozen local designers and makers showed their collections. Therese Mary Designs from Nailsworth and Patch the Cat from Bussage were showing revitalised clothes and new garments made from discarded fabrics. Rosie and Noemi are recently qualified textile designers involved in their first shows. Their collections included refurbished evening gowns and felted and reconstructed garments in thrilling colours. Local makers Fran Webber and Caroline Purdy had collections of their beautiful clothes, hand-made near to Stroud.

The evening was a great fun event. The local models--all ages, shapes and sizes, although only one gender at this stage--displayed their individual personalities as well as the fashions. There was a variety of music and much enthustiastic audience participation. The transition fashion show is destined to become an annual event.

Photos to follow. . .

Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Update on Transport sub-group

It is hard to summarise all the energy and enthusiasm of this group but here is one members account of the group over the last couple of months...

Photo: Citizen coverage of Camp Hope a weekend camp to protest at the expansion of Gloucestershires Airport at Staverton - Transition Transport members supported the event by cycling from Stroud

We are still feeling our way in such a complex area and at our meeting in July we agreed to focus on:
- Bringing together information on all existing initiatives relating to travel and transport whether by the local councils, NGOs or other groups onto the website
- Enabling others to do things.
- Doing things ourselves including through demonstrations

Under James's management the
Transition Transport part of the website is gradually filling up with useful information on public transport options and other initiatives (e.g. Glos Minibus Scheme, Stroud Car Club) - these include a few practical initiatives that are emerging including Molly's Green Thumb, promoting cycling on car-free day in Stroud High Street, looking at the possibility of setting up a Bike Centre as a social enterprise, researching different makes of electric bikes to see which might be most relevant to Stroud Valleys conditions with a view to perhaps purchasing a few for renting out.

We are proceeding cautiously since we are conscious that there are a number of transport related initiatives in the district (e.g. the Stroud District Pedestrian and Cycling Lobby Group) and we do not want to reinvent the wheel nor step on the toes of others. Further, we are conscious that when we go public with a significant initiative we want to be sure that we have done our homework and get it right. We also want to link in with other parts of TS which impinge on transport - e.g. energy.

Finally, perhaps more than other areas of TS, the decisions are made by other large organisations such as Stroud District Council, Glos County Council, Stagecoach, First Great Western and Virgin Trains - with whom we will have to negotiate. Probably the most significant outputs have been the collating and sharing of information on public transport and on promoting cycling. More in the pipeline in due course.

Monday, 22 October 2007

Think Tank on Peak Oil to be developed

The blog may have been quiet but much has still been going on with TS - the core group have been looking at the structure - and looking at offers of a hall at one site in Stroud or a desk at another - other projects are also being looked at like a cafe - proposals already drawn up - plus many of the sub-groups have been meeting.

In terms of the Business and Government Group the work has now prompted the creation of a Think Tank on responses to Peak Oil and Climate Change. The Think Tank will sit under the Local Strategic Partnership (LSP), consult widely and use the Portland report as its model - now an LSP is an important way to develop Councils policy across the County so this is a very big move forward in terms of getting peak oil issues embedded into Councils policies.

The Think Tank will initially endeavour to produce a district wide Transition Plan. Members of the Business and Government group have already been working with Nigel Riglar, Strategic Director, Stroud District Council on this.

The first scoping meeting is on Friday 26th October - and we are looking for individuals who feel they have something to offer this Think Tank, and are able to work collaboratively with a wide range of people with varying levels of environmental understanding and knowledge, either to sit on it or to be consulted as part of the process. If you are interested, please contact us at the soonest - my number is 01453 755451.

More info

In order to stimulate the debate the LSP intends to establish an ‘Adapting to Global Changes’ Think Tank consisting of no more than 12 citizens drawn from the LSP and other interested parties. The Think Tank will be charged with examining the potential economic and social consequences of climate change and the declining availability of conventional energy sources and for developing recommendations to mitigate the impacts of these.

The Think Tank will be charged with 4 key tasks by the LSP:
- Review the information on the issues and the related economic and social consequences;
- Seek community and business input on the impacts and proposed solutions;
- Development of recommendations for the LSP that partner agencies and other organisations can take to mitigate the effects of long term change, including but not limited to: transport, business and home energy use, water, food security, health and social care, communications, land use planning and waste management; and,
- Propose methods of educating the public in order to create positive and long term behaviour change amongst residents and businesses.

In order to fulfil its remit the Think Tank may wish to structure its work around 4 main topic areas, which are likely to be of most concern to local people:
- Land use and transportation
- Food and Agriculture
- Public and social services (including education, health, social services, public safety and utilities)
- Economic change.

The proposal is that the Chair will be drawn from the LSP membership and Stroud District Council will provide a senior manager to facilitate the inquiries and deliberations of the Think Tank. Additional ‘research’ capacity will also hopefully be made available by the Council. Further research and support capacity may be required from other LSP partners as the work of the Think Tank develops.

It is anticipated that the Think Tank will begin its deliberations in October 2007 and be in a position to report its findings to the June 2008 LSP meeting. There will be interim reports whilst the work is being progressed.

Thursday, 4 October 2007

"Free Burma!"

Transition supports One Blogpost for Burma

Bloggers around the world today are only making one entry on their blogs in support of a Free Burma. Please act now:

Sign petition:
Email EU President and Gordon Brown:
Join march: protests are expected right across the world at 12-noon local time. They have already been scheduled in key locations including: Austria, Australia, Belgium, Canada, India, Ireland, France, New Zealand, South Korea, Thailand, the UK and the US. In London, the day of action will start at 11am with monks leading a march from Tate Britain over Westminster Bridge where they will drop petals into the Thames. They will then stop and tie their headbands onto Downing Street gates before proceeding to a rally at Trafalgar Square at 12.45 ish. Around the world campaigners will wear red headbands in solidarity with the monks under arrest and tie these onto government buildings, religious shrines or key landmarks to signify the thousands of lives currently hanging in the balance.
For a map of the route, please visit: /
Boycott/write to the 'Dirty List' of companies who do business with Burma:

Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Next Transition Drinks

Next Transition Drinks on Wednesday 21st November at the Village Inn in Nailsworth (beer made on the premises available) - Transition Wotton-under-Edge folk, who are setting up a Community Garden on an allotment site, will be joining us to share ideas. Newcomers and old-timers welcomed to this informal social.