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Friday, 6 July 2007

When is a Lime not a Lime?

I wonder how many transitioners know the beautiful song Linden Lea by Vaughan Williams? He was somebody who followed Rob Hopkins's stricture to 'respect the ancestors' as he pedalled around the pubs collecting folk songs. He was also a local lad from Down Ampney in Gloucestershire.

The linden tree is more often called the lime tree, which can cause great confusion since it does not produce green citrus fruits but lovely, fragrant white flowers--and then in another month or so a sticky goo that destroys any vehicle parked underneath. Clearly a transition-friendly tree.

The linden is called 'tilia' in Latin and this gives its name to the most popular French herbal tea or tisane known as tilleul. Now is the time to pick the fresh flowers of the native European lime which are making themselves known by their smell even in this miserable weather. Pick a few fresh flowers and add boiling water for a delightful refreshing and relaxing tea.

Richard Mabey says you can also dry the flowers on trays for a couple of weeks until they are cripsy and then store them in jars to use for the rest of the year. Mine appear rather browned and shrivelled but the fresh tea is a delight!


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