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Monday, 9 July 2007

We met at Ody's to talk through the process and specifically improving the function and focus of the core group. Here are some notes of what we came up with.

Relevant ideas/words/thoughts

* Sense of coherence, individually, subgroups, TTS as a whole and the whole wider community.
* Resilience
* Care for each other, care for the planet
* Sustainability –as individuals, subgroups, whole group.
* Thriving not just surviving
* Experimentation – lots and fun
* After an event we need a debriefing and learning session
* Learning from the elders
* Envisioning the future
* Catalyst
* Enabler
* Awareness raising
* Paradox is often the same as something interesting going on

The question arose of having a physical base. Mike mentioned the fact that Aonghus Gordon had offered to pay for a shop front and his brother Alastair had offered space in the Centre for Science and Art for teaching.

The importance of creating real livelihoods for people through the process was stressed. But TS is not an organisation in itself, rather it should enable other things or groups to happen.
It needs to be a resource not a product. Can we establish links with the Social enterprise center,
and local business?

Question: what is not working about the core group?

Who needs to be on it and why?
What are the criteria?
Should it have a rotating membership?

It should gather information from members and disseminate it: be a Communication Hub. It needs to check that ideas are not being duplicated and to identify what people's strengths are and establish how we get the right person for the job. It is important to be aware of the tension between rhythm and routine in our work.

Proposals for events need to be submitted to the core group. A decision will be made as to whether we support the project. If we do the project can use our Logo and name and we will then put them on the newsletter (when it is established)

We may need to set up a central email address (info@ TTS or similar) to be monitored by the chairperson or administrator. This would be a first point of contact for potential members or queries.

Chairperson’s role – needs to follow email threads and keep an eye on what each group is doing.

Important roles for the core group are:

* Forward planning
* Overview
* Plan newsletter for the next 3 months
* Money?


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