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Sunday, 24 June 2007

Stirring up change

We spent last night camping at the community farm at Brookthorpe. Nature was not at her most compassionate but we staved off the temptation to walk a few hundred yards to the ceilidh at Day's Orchard--supplier of local apple and pear juices, and ciders and perries. We stayed on our own land and loved it in all its many moods.

We had visits from Laurence, resident farmer, and his girlfriend Katje, as well as Richie and Elena, who live in a caravan on the farm. Richie is the biodynamic apprentice--a wonderful occupation for the new age. He is learning his craft before returning to Africa to build self-sufficient farming communities based on biodynamic principles.

Richie was spraying a nourishing preparation on the farmland and was helped by some of the older kids and their dads. It should have been sprayed again at dawn this morning, and by the time we woke up to heavy and continuous rain there was evidence that Laurence and Richie had been out already.

Dave had cleared a turf pit for our fire, and by the time the turf was replaced there was no sign that we had been there. We agreed that this was the best way to do camping, and in fact to do living. Our culture creates an obsessive need in the individual to make his or her mark, to grasp the promised 15 minutes of fame. In Nature's timeframe this attitude seems absurd, and if people were truly connected with their land that would give them a far superior sense of identity and meaning.


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