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Monday, 18 June 2007

On your bike--or one belonging to the community

To celebrate National Bike Week, Imogen and James organised an evening of bike-related films at the cafe in the Sub Rooms. The room was packed with 30+ cyclists, who enjoyed finding out about the Amsterdam white bike scheme and other community bike projects.

James and Imogen are bike nuts. Last time I saw them was on Stroud station on their way to a Bicycology meeting in Lancaster. They had a carrier bag with mallets for bike polo and a box with three chocolate cakes to make the planning meeting go with a swing! The essence of my view of how the Transition should be!

James and Imogen plan to organise the community to set up some community bike schemes including loan and gift of bikes, probably using the Freecycling network, as well a teaching people to learn bike mending skills. They are also launching bike polo in the town on Saturday--I wonder if we can convert Prince Charles!

The film ‘The Humble Magnificent’ (30 mins) explains a little about the group Bicycology: “The bike is a humble yet magnificent form of transport, and it symbolises a way of life that can be both fulfilling and sustainable. Bicycology is a grassroots collective who promote cycling as both a form of transport and a source of joy. This film follows their 2006 Roadshow, in which the group pedalled across England, teaching people how to fix their bikes, and discussing the things we can all do to help fix the planet”.

The headline film, ‘World Naked Bike Ride’ (45 minutes) is a bit of fun. Narrated by Channel 4’s Jon Snow, it delves into a worldwide annual phenomenon, focussing on an event in London in 2005 “Hundreds of cyclists get naked and ride en masse through the streets, simultaneous with rides around the world. This is a film celebrating both the bike and the human body, protesting against oil dependency and climate change, and illustrating the vulnerability of cyclists on city-streets”

The evening was also a chance to launch Stroud bicycology. It looked like a great keen bunch of people so I'm sure we'll be hearing more soon.


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