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Friday, 8 June 2007

Local Government Liaison Group meeting

Transition Stroud (TS) Local Government Liaison Group meeting on 8 June 2007 at Star Anise cafe (see photo).

The Heinberg visit has considerably raised awareness amongst some local people and has also given much impetus to the project - Heinbergs' presentation to the Cabinet will also hopefully bear fruit as more people start to take this issue seriously. The Sub Rooms meeting led to over 150 emails being left behind of people interested in learning more.

Anyhow this Local Government Liaison Group has met several times as a group - the last time mostly to look at publicity around the Heinberg event - we're now up to 5 members - and spent the first part of the meeting looking at our role - there was a general consensus around a role of interpreting, linking, enabling and shaping relations between Transition Stroud and the external environment. This requires knowing more about the levers of power and change and identifying these for the wider TS movement. Much of the actual action to achieve the change will need to be taken by the wider movement. A new name reflecting this role will be discussed at the next meeting.

As part of improving our understanding of the levers of change we are looking at a meeting with some local experts to explore areas like the ‘Strategic Partnerships’ operating at District and County level. We also looked at ways TS could build links with the District Council - Fi will follow up on this and hopefully results of these meetings will feed into the TS Core Group day (7 July).

We also acknowledged we need to build the capacity of this ‘Enabling Group’ and a provisional workshop is planned for 12 July 9.00-12.30 (venue to be arranged). Those people who signed up to be involved with TS to be invited. Also an evening meeting on Mon 30 July 7.30pm.


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