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Thursday, 28 June 2007

Encouraging Developments!

New and exciting things may be on our radar at last!

Firstly Dave Cockroft sent us all emails that theres a newly formed All Party Parliamentary Group on Peak Oil and Gas (APPGOPO) which held its inaugural AGM on Tuesday 26th June. They may not have teeth yet but at least they are a mixture of MP's across the parties and also some lords too!

Nines drinks Night
Last night there was an uplifting and informal meeting at Nines Bar in Stroud where many new faces arrived to chat, listen and offer their ideas and questions on transition.
We enjoyed their company and wish to welcome them and hope they join one or more of our groups soon. (

National Campaigning Groups
Last week I decided to look for any references to peak oil/gas on some well known NGO websites to see their perspectives on it, namely Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth.
Neither had any mention of it, (though the DONATE link does appear on every page of both of their UK websites).
So I emailed them to ask why they didn't mention it and sent them the link to the Irish RTE programme on Irelands vulnerability to peak oil, and our links to the blog and WIKI sites. (

Greenpeace's respondent needed me to explain it and after I pointed out that it was nothing to do with climate change she again replied and said that she would forward my emails to the campaigns team. I will be watching their website ...........

Friends of the Earth's initial response was not clear on peak oil/gas. They referred to the "IPCC IPCC as being the definitive source for estimates on the range and scale of threats faced by climate change". They also suggested I try Greenpeace because Greenpeace are "are campaigning specifically on decentralised power" They then asked for more information on TS
(read this blog and the WIKI!). I may not bother watching theirs until they wake up a bit!

I had a more encouraging responce from the BBC whom I contacted previously to bemoan their lack of accuracy in the "It ain't Easy being Green programme. As an aside to the communication I sent the same email as Greenpeace /FOE has received and chased it up with a phone call to the producer. He seemed interested and forwarded it on to his development team.

One thing in particular that I wish to say is that although some of us "originals" have been involved for a little bit longer than the newbies we are very open to their ideas and input. Nothing is set in concrete in our approach to a sustainable living way of life so please do get stuck in and be as active as you can be and encourage others of all ages to participate.


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