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Saturday, 12 May 2007

Preparing for Heinberg and catching up on sub-group news

Thursday night we had a Transition Stroud Core Group meeting which was open to anyone to attend. The main discussion was the Heinberg event but also feedback from the sub-groups and various other bits of business.

Photo: Core Group at Nine Bar, Stroud on Thursday

The great news is that Richard Heinberg - who is an excellent public speaker - is coming to Stroud on Wednesday 30th May to share his knowledge about Peak Oil: The Challenge and Opportunity of Petroleum’s Waning Days (See the advert below for details).

Richard Heinberg will also be running a series of workshops on the Thursday for representatives from around the country who are involved in other Transition Town groups and talking to Stroud District Council's Cabinet meeting on the Thursday.

There was much debate on how best to sell the 450 or so tickets and make up the £1000 outlay for the Sub Rooms, advertising, tickets etc. Andy Treacher is coordinating the massive task and already has posters up across the Town and beyond, all email lists are being used and everyone is being asked to push the tickets. There was also discussion re the stalls and other bits being planned for the night.

What are the sub-groups up to?

There was some feelings expressed that looking at the Transition groups around the country, that few seemed to actually be at the action stage - lots of talk and meetings but not so much going on - however in reality it is very early days - for many even the concept of Peak Oil is completely new and hard to get ones head around. Also what is perhaps on the websites is not necessarily the full story....

It was clear that when the Sub-groups got to feed back news, that here in Stroud very much was going on....the minutes of the meeting will no doubt be more comprehensive but here is a bit of a taster....

- a licence has already been got and a small crop of hemp has been sown
- a banner is being created by the Textile group
- the Energy group had done an excellent presentation at a recent event and were looking to improve on it for future events - they were also exploring many different angles from the valleys hydro potential to community owned wind turbines and much more
- a local Stroud Woodcraft team came first in a huge national competition on climate change with their Enuffometer entry
- the Cuba film with food and music brought in many people and raised awareness
- see previous posts on this blog re the Moveable Feasts
- good press coverage - see this week in The Citizen as well as various articles before
- support to the Slad Farm initiative
- the Transport group are looking at several projects including stickers for cars to drive greener and showing a film about the wonders of bicycling in the very near future. Some of the group enjoyed reclaiming the streets at the recent Nailsworth Festival where the main A46 was closed for a while by hundreds of people and 20 foot high puppets.
- the Local Authority Liaison Group are looking to help promote the Heinberg event and use it as an opportunity to start raising awareness amongst District and County councillors plus businesses and more. They are also looking to set up a meeting with councillors to discuss a way forward - perhaps like Portland, Oregen with their Task Force.

We also heard about other new local projects in the District including Uley Go Zero and news of Transition groups hoping to form in Wotton-under-Edge and Chalford.

The Heinberg event: Wednesday 30th May

RICHARD HEINBERG, regarded as America’s foremost Peak Oil expert, will discuss the most recent evidence regarding the timing of the peak, its likely consequences and what can be done to mitigate its impact.

Photo: Richard Heinberg

Speakers from Transition Stroud will explore how Stroud and the Five Valleys can prepare for this crisis. After the meeting there will be an opportunity to network with members of our special interest groups.

StroudSown local food group will be selling seasonal delicacies on the forecourt before the meeting 3.00 -7.30pm

Wednesday 30th May 7.30pm - 9.30pm. The Subscription Rooms Stroud Gloucestershire
Tickets (£5/£3 concession) available from the Sub Rooms Box Office. Telephone booking 01453 760900.

FFI contact Andy Treacher 01453 756819
with sponsorship from the Hiram Trust, Ruskin Mill Educational Trust & Ecotricity


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