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Thursday, 31 May 2007

Heinberg causes elation and inflation

The event at the Sub Rooms last night (30th May) exceeded my wildest expectations. I kept looking around the hall that we had wandered into at 5pm thinking 'It's a f****ing barn! We'll never fill it!' (well, the Blues Brothers fans amongst us), and noticing it heaving at the seams. We all learned a lot about the amount of heat produced by so many bodies in close proximity. I don't know if anybody counted but it must have been around 400 people.

The presentation was authoritative and had all the necessary stats and graphs to convince people of the need to address the issue of Peak Oil. I had the sense that most people in the room were already well aware of this so I feel we should move rapidly on to positive action and solutions, but the presentation definitely gave us a chance to do this. I hope others will also upload posts of their reactions.

It was interesting to hear the usual complaints about failure of action by politicians, although our own politicans were there--our mayor, MP and several district councillors. Somehow it seems that when they are ours we don't feel that they are politicians and don't appreciate the efforts they make and the successes they have.

Half a dozen of the working groups had prepared displays, which looked great and made it clear that stuff is already happening in Stroud. Around 50 people signed up to be added to the newsgroup list and quite a few others joined individual working groups. Everybody had a leaflet on Peak Oil and another on Transition Stroud so we'll have to wait and see what they make of the information!

The more committed members of our process are spending the day with Heinberg today and I hope they will post their reactions here, as well as feeding back on the meeting tonight when he addresses SDC cabinet.

Oh yes, and the elation was what Heinberg said people experience when involved in a community process to respond to peak oil/climate change. We all know that well don't we? And the inflation was created by Dave the energy slave and his amazing green balloons. Can we have the 30 bikes on stage next time, please Dave? And being ridden by naked people?


At 31 May 2007 at 04:57 , Blogger Greg Dance said...

I, like many found the messages in the meeting easily as hopeful and positive as potentially catastrophic.
Despite the generally felt sentiment that politicians are a self serving sly and ecologically evasive lot an important point made by Richard Heinburg was that some of them would like to be bolder in their ecological proposals but feel that they would be exposed to being voted out if they did so.
This dilemma is easily remedied by supporting, encouraging, including those of ANY party who will be brave (and comparatively selfless) in working with the Transition movement and identifying, marginalising, and responding against those who only offer the same old tatty goods such as "less taxes", "economic growth" and all decisions are to be made only from an economic standpoint.
Previously economists and their political friends have been overly influential and have encouraged us into this energy centred mess, only the opposite of greed, division, and self centredness will get us back out of it. So take heart all, stand behind those who support us!


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