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Saturday, 7 April 2007

TTS Transport group meet

Some aspects of campaigning are hard work but have to say a meeting last week of the Transition Town Stroud (TTS) working group looking at Transport was very pleasant indeed - 7 of us met at the Village Shop and took our tea, coffee and cakes out into the sun.

Photo: TTS meeting

This was the second of the TTS transport group meetings and the discussion was wide-ranging from the needs locally for improved bus and train services and better cycling and walking to what individuals can do to reduce their car use - all those coming to Whiteshill (2 miles outside Stroud) for the meeting had walked, cycled or caught the bus - but how can we best change the way we use the car? For many it is a habit and our world has been designed around it's use - despite the fact that so many don't have access to a car.

Photo: Big Green Thumb advert

There was talk of a Transport Manifesto which included the need the bus interchange in Stroud, the canal having proper commuting cycle facilities and more plus actions like Driving Greener (see Philip's blog on 29th March) and a Big Green Thumb project to encourage hitching.

It was exciting to see the enthusiasm in this group to help make the changes we so need - in coming meetings there will be more looking at aims the group wants to achieve.


At 25 September 2007 at 02:50 , Blogger Jo said...

Hello Stroud, it's TT Brighton and Hove here... I'm very interested in your hitching club and would like to know more about it with a view to initiating something similar here. Do you have any information you could share with me about how the club functions?



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