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Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Fortune cookies

Following up on the massive success of the first showing of The Power of Community together with StroudSown food and music by the Laery Fairies a much more restrained gathering was held in the British School on 20th April. The film was shown again, but this time to a much smaller audience, followed up by a group discussion and networking over tea and cake.

Most of the reaction was very positive, with people feeling excited about the possibility of being able to make major changes for the better in society as a result of the pressure from climate change and peak oil. People were confident of the power of their community here in Stroud.

The Connection group had decided to suggest to the core group that showing films to small groups, together with discussion, is the best way to encourage people to make change. The next step is to encourage people to form small affinity groups to get together to discuss changes in their own lives. I have a horrible fear of the champagne socialists of Bremner, Bird and Fortune but feel sure we can overcome this!

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