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Friday, 27 April 2007

Creating our Future Together

We had a brilliant evening, planning out the Transition Stroud banner and patchworking our ideas for the future.

Ali and Dave were excellent hosts with ready supplies of wine, crisps, flapjacks and cheese. Their living room was packed with excited women, while the men lurked on the edges. I had brought a crudely drawn design that came to me one morning as I was waking up. It showed hills in the foreground with 'Transition Town Stroud' written on them, with a sunrise of oranges, reds and yellows behind. Sillhouetted on the outline of the hills were aspects of our sustainable future: a bicycle, a wind turbine, and so on.

This was rapidly improved on by Jane Ford of the Stroudwater Textile Trust, and an experienced banner-making. She produced a much more impressive sketch on the back of a receipt she found in her handbag. She and Rosemary and Fran got together over the background cloth (a second-hand curtain from a charity shop) to put the design together for real.

Meanwhile, Ali had suggested the rest of us produce words on small pieces of cloth to patchwork around the edge. We brainstormed words that represented the future we are seeking to create. I got stuck on 'holism' but others had more encouraging words like love, hope, caring and sharing. We were free to choose how to put the words onto the cloth--applique, beading, embroidery. No limits to creativity.

We did find time to discuss the business of the textile network. Jane mentioned some of the highlights of the Textile Festival in Stroud from 1st to 21st May. Fran and Rose told us about their plans for a Fashion Show in October. We discussed trips to Filkins (our local woollen mill) and the House of Hemp and Eden Project in Cornwall. The depressingly obstructive response from the Home Office to our attempts to grow hemp were reviled.

We're aiming to have the banner ready for the launch of Transition Stroud with Richard Heinberg's visit at the end of May. We have decided to meet weekly in the Waggon and Horses until it is done.


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