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This is a shared history blog. Together we can write the history of our process of transition as it happens.

Friday, 2 March 2007

Welcome to the Transition Town Stroud blog

We hope that this blog will become living history. We are involved in a major social change, responding as a community to the challenges of peak oil and climate change. This blog gives us the chance to record that process as it happens. We hope to keep it as a record rather than a forum for debate, which is available elsewhere (see the links).

The Transition Town Stroud process began in autumn 2006 when Dave Judd circulated Rob Hopkins's Energy Descent Action Plan. I [Molly] felt very excited about this because it felt like a framework which could bring together, support and share many of the various positive things that already happen in Stroud. For me, the crisis we are in offers huge opportunities for moving towards a better way of living, not only ecologically but socially too. That is why I became a green economist.

Dave held an initial meeting that included Dave Cockcroft, Martin Whiteside (not sure who else was there: help me out guys?). This led to a public meeting held at Star Anise in January where we set up the working groups. Most of these are now up and running and their co-ordinators can post here to say what is happening.


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