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Wednesday, 28 March 2007

TTS Local authority liaison group

Several of us have been meeting to discuss how best to liaise and work with local councils. We are at an early stage yet and would welcome ideas and thoughts.

Photo: Stroud District Council, Ebley Mill

One inspiring example is Portland, Oregon - they have just became the first governmental body in the US to not only acknowledge that imminent peak oil is a reality, but also to publish a plan as to what the city should be doing to cope. The Portland Peak Oil Task Force have produced a succinct, outstanding report that should be read by every local official everywhere. While there will naturally be many local variations, Portland’s approach to the problem contains much that seems universally applicable. Download here.

See also video of activists and local politicians talk about preparing for peak oil in Portland, Oregon here. In Sweden too there are plans to be free of oil dependence - read here.

Another useful resource is Rob Hopkins being interviewed on the 2 degrees radio show - he discusses the Transition Towns project here - and his excellent blog 'Transition Culture' can be found here. One of his key steps for the Transition Town initiative is about how to build bridges with local Government - see more here. One example in this country is the endorsement of the TT Totnes project by their local Town Council.

We are fortunate in that Richard Heinberg is coming to Stroud at the end of May/early June - he is already booked in to talk to councillors on the District Council at Ebley Mill and a public meeting is also planned. This will be a great boost to getting the message across.


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