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Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Transition Town water group?

Talk: The Nature of Water

The Ruscombe Brook Action Group are inviting people to join them to hear local water expert Simon Charter talk on 'The Nature of Water' and Julian Jones from Water 21 talk about plans for improving the local brook.

Details: 7.30 pm Wednesday 25th April 2007 at Randwick Village Hall by the playing fields in Randwick. Further details from Philip Booth on 01453 755451.

This should be an interesting talk - I am also hoping that we might get a Transition Town Stroud water group together? Anyone interested?

Some figures below might be of interest - it seems to me that even among many environmental groups and organisations water is not being given enough attention - it was only through trying to remove sewage from our local brook and setting up the Ruscombe Brook Action Group that I have become more aware of the issues - RBAG is now trying to implement the solutions we need so that we do not add to the problems of climate change and peak oil...

- power station cooling accounting for 39% of national water consumption
- £313 m spent each year dealing with pesticides, nitrates and other contaminants ie 10% of costs of drinking water

- clean-up of water supplies uses chemicals and energy intensive ultra-violet treatment: the water industry emits 2.6% of UK carbon emissions

- most of us flush 50 litres of water down the loo everyday

See background and progress re Ruscombe Brook in my article on my blog on 5th January 2007 - the article also appears in the latest edition of The Edge.


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