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Thursday, 15 March 2007

Fab Refurbishment

Five of us from the textile group met last night (14th March) to share our ideas and skills in remaking and embellishing clothes. Therese and Claire have both been doing this for a while and selling the proceeds. Clare and Rosemary have both been making their own clothes beautiful for a long time. Molly had been adventurous in her youth but has since lost confidence. Clare had brought a book called New from Old which was full of creative ideas and inspirations. We were particularly impressed by the suggestion to turn old felted jumpers into bolero jackets, although nobody gave that a go last night.

We had really great fun--and lots of cake and wine, although not enough to impair our skills or mess up the clothes. Therese was working on a wedding dress in satin that she had been given. She was adding net to the outside to enhance its flow. Claire added felt flowers to a tired T-shirt which she had already dyed bright red. Molly was helped to cut down a burgundy velvet jacket she had picked up at a charity shop and rework it with constrasting orange thread and matching buttons Claire had in her button box. Clare was very busy and revived three of her own garments with pretty ribbons and buttons. Rosemary spent the evening adding contrasting colourful wools to a well-loved jacket which had been left in the sun and had faded.

The gift economy found an opportunity to flourish. Clare gave Therese a much-prized tailor's dummy which she saved from the dump and has been storing in her loft. Molly gave Clare some face cream she has been experimenting with using local beeswax and olive oil. Claire gave Molly some buttons just perfect for her jacket. Molly had received a sewing machine and a faded ball gown from the freecycling--modelled by Rosa for the evening. Therese took on the project of the ball gown and will make it gorgeous for the fashion show in October.

Over the sewing and cake we came up with several further bright ideas and exchanged details of suppliers and techniques. Therese showed some wool she had spun and will send around information about the local spinners and weavers group. The Stroud hemporium was officially launched with a formal constitution and officers elected.

We'll be meeting again soon, so if you would like to join in just email Molly:


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